Frequently Asked Questions

open 1. How do I begin my job search?

Schedule an appointment with a Career Coach before applying for jobs. Prepare a professional portfolio, which includes a resume and job search letters. Log in to Succeed@Hostos or contact Career services to schedule an appointment. 
Career  Services D-210, or call 718-518-4468

open 2. I have a resume completed. Must I meet with a Career Coach before submitting my resume to employers?

Yes, your resume needs to be approved by a staff member before applying to postings.

open 3. How often does the CS office obtain new postings of employment opportunities?

On a weekly basis.

open 4. How often should I search on HIRECAIMANS, symplicity career link?

If you are in need of immediate employment you should checking the HIRECAIMANS, symplicity career link on a daily basis and checking in with a Career Coach.

open 5. I have sent my resume to many employers and haven’t had any response, what do I do now?

Follow-up with the employers. You may contact an employer after 2 weeks of submitting your resume. Be patient , but you should also schedule another appointment with a Career Coach to discuss job search strategies and re-evaluate your portfolio. In addition, you should attend the scheduled workshops.

open 6. What can I do to gain experience related to my major if I have no work experience?

Iinternships and volunteer opportunities are the best way to get hands on experience and quality supervision. 

open 7. How do I know if jobs that are posted are still available?

Some positions will have a closing date posted. If not, you may contact the employer and ask if the position is still available.

open 8. What should I do to increase my chances of finding a good job?

In addition to looking at our job listings diligently, network with people who may have contact suggestions for you, approach employers of interest to you directly, be sure you have put your best effort into writing your resume and are prepared to handle interview questions well. Consider being more flexible if you are having difficulty.

open 9. I just graduated. Am I still eligible to receive services?

Yes. We provide individualized career services up to 1 ½ years after graduation. Alumni who have registered with the Alumni Relations office may register for workshops and search for employment on the Career Services Website.

open 10.What happens after I find a job?

Let us know when you're hired and how our services assisted you in obtaining employment. Speak to a career coach to learn successful strategies for "Keeping the Job".

open 11. How do I search for jobs or internships?

Log in to
User ID: EMPL ID (8 digits), Temp Password: students
Please contact career services if you are unable to log in.

open 12.How do I update my e-mail address in Symplicity?

Once you are logged in you may edit your personal information.