Office of School-College Partnerships

The Office of School-College Partnerships includes College Now, Early College Initiative, and CUNY Explorers. These are all collaborations between CUNY and Department of Education. All courses in OSCP are normal college courses; part of Hostos faculty workload; same syllabus, expectations, and textbook as any other Hostos course.

College Now Program
Every CUNY campus has a College Now program. Over 60 partner high schools. Students come after high school, 4 PM. The goal is learning to succeed in college, NOT credit accumulation. Most students take only one or two college courses during high school career, 15 credit cap. 

Early College Initiative
Not every CUNY campus has an ECI programs. At Hostos we have two ECI schools: Hostos- Lincoln Academy (since 2005) and HERO HS (since 2012). Students in ECI schools have the opportunity to earn an Associate’s Degree at the same time as they earn a high school diploma. Students take college courses starting in summer before 10th grade.

Hostos Early College Initiative Health, Education and Research Occupations High School (H.E.R.O.)
During the six-year integrated program, students have the opportunity to earn their Career and Technical Education high school diploma, gain workplace experience at Montefiore Hospital, and Associate’s degree in Community Health from Hostos.

Hostos Lincoln Academy
Students have the opportunity to earn an A.A. in Liberal Arts and Sciences at the same time as they earn their high school diploma.

Elizabeth Wilson
Director, School - College Partnerships
(718) 518-6839