Search Committee Information

Hostos uses Search Committees made up of a diverse group of faculty/staff, to ensure equal opportunity and non-discrimination for all applicants. OCD works to make sure that every member of a search committee fully understands their role in the search process and the procedures that must be followed. Hostos seeks to define a job search as broadly as possible to increase the chances of greater diversity in the applicant pool and to use diverse networks. Hostos also educates employees on issues including but not limited to implicit bias, diversity, affirmative action, conflicts of interest, and how to maintain confidentiality.

Before any resumes are reviewed, all Search Committee members must take and complete the E-Charge.

Please reach out to the Office of Compliance and Diversity at  about specific search related questions that arise during this time of remote working and learning. Please note, all search related documents can be accessed through the E-Charge.