Right to Peacefully Assemble

Right to Peacefully Assemble – Designated Space

Public Safety Advisory

The college administration recognizes the rights afforded to all persons under the First Amendment. However, it also recognizes the rights of those who wish to avail themselves of the institution’s instructional, personal, administrative, recreational and community services.

Members of the college community who wish to exercise their right to assemble peacefully may do so by using the area between the 500 Grand Concourse building and the 450 Grand Concourse Building, known also as the plaza. This area is available from 7:30 a.m. until dusk and can be made available until 10 p.m. Faculty, Staff and Students do not require a New York City Street Activity Permit for the use of this area.

A college space reservation form must be completed and submitted to the College Space Reservation Committee. Request for the use of college space by any member of the college community is approved on a first come first serve basis.

Additional, information regarding the college space reservation process can be obtained from the college’s Theater Manager, Director of Student Activities and / or the Director of Public Safety.

The “Plaza area” offers the greatest amount of visibility to members of the college community wishing to exercise their right of peaceful assembly, without obstructing and/or interfering with the institution’s educational processes.

External Organizations and/or groups wishing to demonstrate near the college must obtain a New York City Street Activity Permit.

Article 129A of the Education Law and the New York State Penal prohibit the blocking of University / College entrances and/or exits as well the unauthorized occupancy of any University and/or College facility.

A person who violates these laws and/or statutes maybe subject to administrative sanctions and/or arrest.

Rules of Public Order on Campus Policy August 2001