Student Lounge Policy

Effective 08/27/08

The Student Lounge is privileged space made available for those members of the student body that fully comply with the College Student Lounge Policy. This space is specifically designated for study and as a quiet zone during normal College working hours. Kindly note the guidelines below:

  1. All Individuals wishing to use the Student Lounge are required to adhere to the standard codes of conduct, etiquette and decorum. Individuals that cause disruption in the lounge will be asked to leave the area. Violations include and are not limited to the use of offenses terms, placing feet on the actual seats or sofas, using profanity, and talking or playing audio/video equipment at high volumes.
  2. Eating and drinking is permitted on the tables only. Individuals that try to eat on the chairs or the sofas will be asked to use a table instead.
  3. All individuals that use the Student Lounge must clean up after themselves.
  4. Access to the Student Lounge is permitted through the corridor adjacent to Room C-391; access through the gymnasium corridor is prohibited.
  5. Users are not allowed to move the furniture around. The only individuals authorized to rearrange the furniture are those employed by the Office of Student Activities and the Student Leadership Academy.
  6. The television set in the Student Lounge is to be used to for programming and educational purposes. Cinema and movie showings require approval of the Office of Student Activities and/or the Space Requests Committee.
  7. Individuals attempting to use the television for recreational purposes such as video games will be asked to remove their game console and turn off the television set.
  8. Individuals attempting to use the television in a manner that is disruptive to others or interrupts programs in the lounge will be asked to leave the area by Student Life personnel and\or Campus Safety.
  9. Individuals who wish to use the Student Lounge for special events are required to contact the Office of Student Activities and adhere to the space policy prescribed by the office. Any organization interested in using the Student Lounge for an activity must (1) obtain authorization from the Director of Student Activities to use the facility and (2) fill out a Space Request Form that will be reviewed by the Space Requests Committee. The Space Requests Committee, in turn, will make a final determination as to whether or not the proposed activity should take place in the facility.
  10. The curtains in the Student Lounge are operated by a remote control. Please see the staff in the Student Leadership Academy for assistance.
  11. Questions about this policy should be directed to the Office of Student Activities.