Microsoft 365

You are encouraged to frequently check this page for the latest updates about your email migration.

We are pleased to announce that Hostos Community College is replacing our current email system with Microsoft 365 (M365), a cloud-based email system that will greatly expand our capacity to store, share, and synch work files with students.

All CUNY campuses are moving to Microsoft 365, and Hostos Community College students’ email is scheduled to transition SOON!


When will the change happen?


Who will be impacted by this migration?

Current students and alumni.

Why is this happening?

The transition to Microsoft’s cloud-based email system is mandated by CUNY as it will provide many benefits over the current email system, including enhanced security, larger mailbox sizes, a unified inbox across the entire University, and seamless integrations with other Microsoft 365 applications such as OneDrive and Teams. 

Will my email address change?

While your primary email address will not change, you will have to use your CUNYfirst credentials ( to access your Microsoft 365 account.

How to prepare?

Everyone should take 10 minutes to read O365 FAQs and training materials.

Resources to Prepare for the upcoming changes