Initiative 8 - Workforce

The Continuing Education and Workforce Development Division (CEWD) established the Ms. MacKenzie Scott Adult and Continuing Education (ACE) Scholarship to award $1,000 scholarships to support the educational transition of Hostos students that completed a continuing education (CE) program and seek to enroll in a degree program. The funds can be utilized by the students for any transition to college expenses such as: college application fees, books, tuition, transportation, child care, among others. Students that maintain and/or achieve a minimum 3.0 GPA at the end of each semester will be awarded a $500 scholarship to support their continued enrollment. The President’s Office hosts a special reception in honor of the students’ accomplishments upon the completion of the fall and spring semesters.


  • Increase CE students’ access and enrollment in degree programs.
  • Reduce financial barriers to higher education for CE students.
  • Support CE students’ transition to college by leveraging credit for prior learning policy embedded into CEWD programming.

Scholarship Recipients

Fall 2023
Lena Bradley
Natasha Garci
Yasmina Gislaine Glele
Margarita Rosado Mendez
Charina Santos
Tyesha Toro

Spring 2023
Darihana Amezquita*
Tina Boodie*
Heidy Diaz*
Fatoumata Doucoure*
Jennifer Feldmeth
Chevelle Gayle*
Jeannette Pimentel*

Fall 2022
Shaquanna Barr
Oumou Djikine*
Regina Galley*
Maryury Lainez*
Stephanie Oliveira de Araujo*
Kacey Witter*

Spring 2022
Nickisha Britton-James
Jessica Dugbartey
Mary Lorenzo
Alexandra Martinez*
Valentina Peguero
Maria Pera*
Felix Taveras*

*Student has been awarded a renewal scholarship for maintaining good academic standing.

To apply for a scholarship, please contact Dr. Sam Byrd, Director of College Transition and Alternative Credit Programs.

Recent News

Fatoumata Doucoure is one of the students who benefitted from this initiative. She took a decade-long break before deciding to go back to school. Already working in the healthcare field, she did not think it was necessary to pursue further training. But a close friend convinced her otherwise and talked wonders about Hostos Community College just as the pandemic started. By way of the CEWD, Fatoumata became a Certified Nurse Aide (CNA), and thanks to the ACE Scholarship Fund, she transitioned into a degree program at Hostos in Spring 2023.

Other students have been recognized for their commitment to their studies, including Regina Galley (Nursing) and Alexandra Martínez (Liberal Arts). At a special reception held by the President’s Office on June 14, 2023, they all shared their stories and expressed their gratitude for the support they received from the ACE program’s coordinators: Provost and VP of Academic Affairs Shiang-Kwei Wang, CEWD VP Evelyn Fernández-Ketcham, Director of College Transition and Alternative Credit Programs Sam Byrd, and Research Programs Director Sofía Oviedo.

Hostos President Daisy Cocco De Filippis expressed her joy and encouraged students to persevere against all challenges, always in the company of those who believe in them.

“Do not give up. If there is anything that you have at Hostos is the unconditional assistance of my colleagues. Also, make sure that you have supportive friends who are there for you to inspire you and lift you up,” she said.

In addition to the three recipients who participated in the reception, the program granted ACE scholarships to 11 more students: Darihana Amezquita, Tina Boodie, Heidy Díaz, Jennifer Feldmeth, Chevelle Gayle, Jeannette Pimentel, Oumou Djikine, Maryury Lainez, María Pera, Stephanie Oliveira de Araujo, and Kacey Witter.