Student Services

Welcome to Hostos Community College!
It is our privilege to create an efficient and enjoyable journey as you navigate the admissions and enrollment process, from your first point of contact through registering for classes. The Division of Student Development and Enrollment Management offers a variety of resources and programs to support students in their academic success and personal growth. Our SDEM staff are committed to responding to the student needs and abilities. Students are encouraged to take advantage of these services and actively participate in the student development programs offered.

Please use this page to find all administrative and student service offices, hours of operation and contact information. If you do not find what you need on this page, please email us at and someone will get back to you within 24-48 hours.
We look forward to working with you and providing our support and guidance.

SDEM Phone Numbers and E-mails for Immediate Assistance

For a directory of the office of the Vice President's staff click here.
Office Appointment Types Voicemail/Call Back
Accessibility Resource Center Email, Phone, Zoom 718- 518-4454
Administrative Appeals Email, Phone  718-319-7924
Admissions & Recruitment Email, Phone, Zoom, Chatbot  718-319-7900 
Athletics & Recreation Email, Phone  718-664-2748
Bursar Email, Phone  718- 518-4373
Children’s Center Email, Phone  718-518-4176
College Discovery Email, Phone  929-314-2762
Commencement Email, Phone  718-518-6561
Counseling Services  Email, Phone  718-518-4461
CUNY EDGE Email, Phone  718-518-4360
Financial Aid Email, Phone, Chatbot  718-518-6555
Health & Wellness Services
Email, Phone  718-518-6542
One Stop Email, Phone  718-518-4141
Registrar Email, Phone, Chatbot  718-518-6771
Scholarships Email, Phone 718-518-4166
Student Activities Email, Phone  718-518-6561
Student Leadership Email, Phone  718-518-6541
Student Appeals Email, Phone 718-518-6554/6557
Student Life Email, Phone  718.518.6789
Student Success Coaching Unit (SSCU) Email, Phone  718-664-2560
Testing Center Email, Phone  718- 319-7921
Transfer Services Email, Phone  718-518-4319
Veteran Affairs (HOVA) Email, Phone  718-319-7955

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