Frequently Asked Questions

When should I start to plan to transfer to a four-year college?

As with all important decisions, it is important to begin your transfer planning early. You should start researching colleges your first semester. Meet with a transfer advisor as early as possible so that you can maximize the transferability of your credits.

Do "D" grades transfer?

A grade of "D" in a transferable course is acceptable and may be counted toward units. In some cases, grades of “D” are not acceptable in courses used to satisfy major or general education requirements.

When should I transfer?

It is highly recommended that you complete your Associate’s degree at Hostos before transferring. Once you complete your Associate’s degree, you will maximize the transferability of your credits, become eligible for transfer scholarships and possibly go in as a junior at your new college or university.

How can I improve my chances for admission to the school that I want to attend?

Because the level of competition for admission to certain campuses and programs is very high, you should consider applying to more than one campus and to programs that, while not your first choice, will allow you to fulfill your educational goals.

What is a competitive GPA for transfer?

The average GPA varies widely by campus and by major. For CUNY colleges at minimum students need a GPA of 2.0. However, keep in mind that most competitive programs will require higher GPA’s. The GPA is only one factor by which an applicant is evaluated.

If I earn an Associate’s degree am I guaranteed admission to a four-year College?

Admission to a CUNY four year college is guaranteed, although not necessarily to the program or college of your choice. You must meet the following requirements:

  • Earned an AA, AS or AAS degree
  • You have completed at least one college level course in mathematics and English with a grade of “C” or better.
CUNY AA and AS degree holders are guaranteed at least 60 credits toward a 120 credit bachelor’s degree.

You must meet the minimum grade requirement for admission to a private four-year college. However, there are many advantages to graduating with an Associate’s degree. One advantage is to maximize the transferability of your credits and another is the education experience that you will have as a college graduate.


What are the deadlines to transfer to a CUNY senior college? Other college?

To transfer for the Spring you must apply BEFORE September 1st. For the Fall semester BEFORE February 1st. Other SUNY colleges prefer that you apply before Feburary 1st for the Fall admission and Before October 1st for Spring admission. Some private colleges have other deadlines, their individual websites and college applications should be looked at before making your choice to transfer.

Do I need to pay the $70 application fee for CUNY?

If you are a current student, payment is not needed. If you are out for one or more semesters you will need to pay the $70 before your application can be processed.