About us

Hostos Community College launched its inaugural summer reentry program in 2010 in partnership with College Initiative, a community-based program dedicated to providing pathways to higher education for court-involved and formerly incarcerated individuals in New York City. The Hostos College Initiative Summer Program, renamed Students Overcoming all Roadblocks (SOAR) in 2018, was led by retired Professor Sandy Figueroa, and ended in Summer 2018. 
The Hostos Reentry Committee was formed in 2010 to address the needs of the Hostos CI and later SOAR and was composed of faculty, staff, and students, many of whom graduated from the summer program and/or Hostos Community College. In 2021, Marsha Milan-Bethel and Professor Sarah Hoiland took over for retired Professor Sandy Figueroa and the group moved away from “reentry” and renamed itself the Hostos JUSTICE Committee.  The same core group remained involved in the work, attending and participating in a variety of initiatives across New York City and within CUNY including, but not limited to:  New York Reentry Network (NYREN), Bronx Corridors to College Project (2014-2017), CUNY Justice Learning Collaborative, and the CUNY Faculty Senate Committee on Higher Education in Prisons. 
A new summer program, Hostos Holistic Oasis for Parents’ Education (HOPE) Program, funded by the National Science Foundation (2022-2026) will serve justice and system-impacted student parents and their children through a Two-Gen Summer Program. Co-Chair Professor Sarah Hoiland is the Principal Investigator (PI) and JUSTICE Committee member Professor Elys Vasquez-Iscan is a co-PI with Professors Biao Jiang, JungHang Lee, and Norberto Hernández Valdes-Portela. As with the Hostos CI Summer Program, the JUSTICE Committee will support the HOPE Summer Program.