Professional Development

The Office of Academic Affairs (OAA) is committed to increasing access to professional development (PD) opportunities that improve teaching and learning and advance faculty scholarship and research.  OAA's commitment to professional development is demonstrated by its allocation of resources to support PD activities both on and off campus.  In recent years, OAA has also initiated programming to develop the communication and leadership skills necessary to strengthen academic leadership on campus.  

For more information on the support OAA provides for professional travel, please see the OAA travel page.
Professional development programming is also offered by the offices listed below.
EdTech Office
EdTech offers programs designed to support faculty with Blackboard, on-line course development and other educational technology tools.
Grants Office
Provides programming that supports faculty and staff in securing external funding for research projects, college-wide special programs, academic support services for students and community collaborative projects.
Professor Magda Vasillov Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL)
CTL’s offerings foster excellence in teaching, research, service and leadership.  Topics covered include: teaching pedagogy, classroom experiences and student outcomes, scholarship of teaching and disciplinary research, service and leadership. 
CUNY Faculty Affairs Office
The CUNY Faculty Affairs Office provides programming to develop faculty scholarship, promote advancement and cultivate academic leadership. 
CUNY Office of Recruitment and Diversity
The Office of Recruitment and Diversity offers the Faculty Fellowship Publication Program and the Diversity Projects Development Fund to recognize achievement and promote professional development.